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Why Do Most Internet Dating Sites Suck?

The interesting thing about free online sex is that it seems all of them talk a good game. They really do. They make all sorts of promises regarding how many women you can bang and how good-looking their women are. The problem is everybody is over-promising and under-delivering. In fact, in most cases, they deliver nothing at all.

There are many horror stories of guys who spend weeks hanging out at a paid dating site, paying a huge amount of money, and having to jerk off. They don’t get what they bargained for. So what’s wrong with internet dating sites?

Well, actually, there’s nothing wrong with internet dating sites. Seriously. I know this may be shocking. I know you might be rolling your eyes or tearing your hair out because you’re so frustrated. But that’s the reality.

You have to understand that there are two types of internet dating websites. Whether they are free or paid, it doesn’t matter. The two types are real websites and fake websites. If you’re having a tough time, chances are you’re either playing the numbers game wrong or you’re just hanging out at fake sites.

Pay attention to the following. These factors will help you separate websites that are worth your time and websites that you need to forget quickly.

Weak Local Options

This is my number one criterion. If there are not enough women in their database in your local are, leave that website behind. You need to leave that website quickly. Why? You’re wasting your time.

Even if you were to hook up with these women and make a great impression, do you really have those hundreds of dollars to get on a plane and fuck a chick at the other side of the country? Most guys don’t have the time, willingness, and money to do that. So if the website that you joined can only hook you up with women located very far from you, ditch that website. It’s a waste of time.

Outdated Database

There are many websites that are stocked with really, really good-looking women. When you look at these profiles, they would really blow you away. When you read them, it sounds like it’s some sort of sex story and you’d want to jerk off.

The problem with these profiles is that a lot of them are old. What I mean by that is that the database of the particular dating site you’re considering is made up primarily of people who’ve moved on. Maybe they got into a new relationship. Maybe they’ve moved to another state or another town because of a job. Whatever it is, they’re no longer logging on.

If you join a website with an outdated database, then you’re simply chasing after ghosts. You’re sending message after message to all these good-looking women, and none of them respond. Month after month, you pay the membership fee for that dating site. In the case of a free website, you have to go through all these ads. Regardless of your situation, you’re wasting your money.

Pay attention to the database. Look for fresh databases where there is a lot of evidence of recent activity. If you notice that people haven’t been logging on, skip that website.

Another bonus criterion you should pay attention to is whether or not the website has too many guys. While this, in and of itself, is not a deal-killer, you have to understand that you’re dealing in a competitive market. If you join a website that just has so many guys you think it’s a sausage factory, your chances of hooking up would be quite low indeed.