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We invite you to visit our website, and enjoy time with hot sexy girls online.

Team for site consists of professional programmers, web designers, administrators, managers and lawyers, always ready to help, who are working every day on improving the site.
Livecamdream is focused on work with an audience of Western Europe and the United States. For users in Western Europe and Asia, there is an additional intermediate server, which ensures the stability of the site.
Our site made for all categories of girls, women and guys. You can be very sexy and never remove your clothes or do whatever you want at your show – it is your choice, just pick the right category. We look for models who can do something unique and original, like to have voice calls, not just chat with your keyboard, like to make some new friends. For such activity we propose you use “flirt” and “not so shy categories.
We want to draw attention to our Valued Members:
– you can buy credits using Mastercard and Visa cards;
– to spend as low as $1.49 per minute in private show and $2.49 in premium private and $0.99 per minute of views with new models for the first three days after their registration;
– monthly awards are waiting for the top ten of members (“Best friend of LCD”); 10 Best members in the end of a month get more money to spend at any performer they like ( total budget of award is 395 USD, period is 1 month);
– sign up at live sex video chat for free and have a good time with our models.
Let us say a few words about what do we offer for models:
1. You ll earn $1.49 to $2.49 per minute in private chat (group show) and from $2.49 to $6.99 per minute in premium private chat (tet-a-tet show) and finally, from $0.99 to $1.19 per minute of views (views in private chat).
Billing is per second, even a few seconds, spent in a pay chat, which will be credited with the corresponding amount guaranteed, immediately after the close of the session. NOTICE: to know that all the models go through a period marked NEW in 72 hours (as the time of finding all chat rooms, including free chat). At this time the model automatically puts up the cost of a private chat $1.49 $ per minute, price of premium private chat $2.49, views – $0.99. After a 72 – hour period (When the start button lights up a special message) you can change the prices per minute for every kind of chat, within the limits that have been mentioned above.
2. We pay out 70% lifetime to our models for every new member, you bring to our site by giving a special link to your account (please find it at your site menu as performer ->referral program ->referral link).

3. We have special Awards for free and pay chats, 10 best performers will get money prize at the end of every month (total budget of each award is 395 USD, period is 1 month; model can take part in both awards simultaneously).
4. In addition, the top three finishers (meaning performers) receive a gold, silver or bronze statue with “BEST LCD MODEL” in their profiles.
5. Also November 1st has started new bonus award. Each model who refers at least 3 new members will get points for Member Bonus if new members spend credits for model. To invite members on will be even more beneficial. Period of this award is two months (the first period ends on December 31st). Do not forget to use link from your Referral Program menu. The total prize is 600 USD.
Here are the rules of this new award:
the new member should register and make a purchase between the dates above
the member cannot have any other account on
the member cannot be located in the same country as model making referral
6. Finally, the top performers will be to post requests and gift opportunities on your profile and members will be to contribute money to your LCD Wallet towards those gifts. For example, Should you want to open a hair salon and lack the money for equipment for the salon, you will to post the HTML of the salon showing the equipment needed and the price. A member will then be able to contribute to your LCD Wallet for the equipment.
7. The opportunity to earn money while offline selling your photo and video galleries. Create galleries with beautiful photos or movies and earn money when you are offline.
8. There are various gifts for models, including “tips”, which member can send to a model when model is online because well as offline.
9. Website video broadcasting in HD.
10. Models are always in control of who is allowed to see them and always can choose which countries and members to be banned.
11. Become a model at livecam chat and earn money with us!
Reliable system for charge-backs, built-in multi language translator. You can use our forum where models share their experiences and always can get advice about working online and get more information from successful models.
Short guide to our Payout System
Each month consists of 2 periods:
PERIOD 1.: 1 – 15 of a month
PERIOD 2.: 16 – last day of a month
For example, if You reach the payout limit in the period 1-15 January, You will receive Your payment on 10th February.
Payout dates:
If you reach the payout limit (50USD) in Period 1, you will receive your payment on 10th of the following month.
If you reach the payout limit in Period 2, You will receive your payment on 25th of the following month.
For Studios: We offer extensive statistics, easy and fast registration, opportunity to use “Studio Administrator” service, restricts access to your studio. Studio controls information of payout viewed by model. Model will see only money the model has earned.
Technical Support – you can write from site not just to Administrators, but to technical department, so your problem will be solved very quickly!
In case of any issue please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]